Back & Neck Pain

back and neck pain

Find Pain Relief with Effective Therapies

  • Do you suffer from chronic neck and back pain?
  • Do you rely on over-the-counter medications to get through your day?
  • Do you think surgery is your only solution?

We offer a different approach to your pain. Our highly-trained staff at Synergy Medical believes in customized, solution-based treatment plans that will bring you lasting relief. We do not believe in covering up the pain with expensive drugs, nor do we believe in treatment plans that can cause more issues down the road. We DO believe in whole-health, to make you healthy and happy once again!

Surgery and Medications are NOT the Solution for Your Neck and Back Pain

In an attempt to alleviate pain, many medical providers push patients down a path of continual pain killers and surgeries. Prescription medications can harm internal organs, create unpleasant side-effects, and become addictive. It is a temporary fix for your pain. Surgery can sometimes be necessary, but it should be the absolute last step! Surgery does not always work, and in addition has a long recovery time and can cause further trauma and damage.

Try our solution first! At Synergy Medical, you receive a customized care plan that is unique to your symptoms and goals. We focus on healing, recovery, prevention, and maintenance to get you back to optimal health. Our specialists will collaborate to guide you into a pain free life, the natural way. Some of our treatment options include: Spinal Decompression, Trigger Point Injections, Chiropractic Care, Rehabilitative Services, Manual Therapy, Customized Injections, Topical Pain Relievers, + more! 


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