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Addressing Your Pain with Regenerative Medicine

Joint, tendon, and ligament pain affect a significant number of people every year as a result of injury, disease, or age. You may even find yourself facing one or more of these unwelcome intruders at some point. Rather than relying on medications or on surgeries that may not do much to help you or that leave you with uncomfortable side effects, we recommend that you learn more about regenerative medicine, which is proving to make quite the difference in the lives of many with pain in the joints or back.
Understanding Regenerative Medicine
At its most basic, regenerative medicine is the branch of science that looks at how to create or engineer new body cells to repair injuries and decrease discomfort. Regenerative medicine can heal damaged areas, rejuvenate the body, and even regenerate certain tissues. For example, stem cells are often used in your own body to regenerate tissues in the joints. Bone marrow transplants are commonly seen in this branch of medicine, and growth factors are frequently used to get your body to work for you.
How Can Regenerative Medicine Help?
When we use regenerative medicine to treat your discomfort, we use stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to grow new cells in the areas of focus. These therapies first alleviate discomfort and then proceed to regenerate certain tissues that may have broken down through mechanical or disease processes. By using MRIs and ultrasounds, we can help you see if this may be a good option for you. Rather than turning to highly invasive surgeries, we can often help you find relief quickly with regenerative cell therapy.
At Synergy Medical, we can help address your back and neck discomfort with a variety of methods depending on the reason for your pain. In many cases, a form of regenerative medicine can be used to put the power and strength of your own body to work for you to heal you from the inside out. If you have unresolved discomfort in the back, neck, or any other joint, we recommend that you reach to learn more about the services we offer and to set up your first consultation with one of our professionals. Instead of living with discomfort, you can experience health, wellness, and vibrancy even as you age.
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