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Knee Pain? Consider Trigger Point Injections in Bradenton

A trigger point is a painful knot that forms in the muscle after it becomes inflamed. You will be able to feel a small lump or nodule if you rub the muscle in the right spot. Trigger points can occur in any skeletal muscle, but they are most commonly found in the legs, back and neck. These knots prevent the muscles from relaxing, which can make it impossible to perform normal tasks without being in pain. If this common medical issue is causing you problematic knee pain, then it is time to get it addressed with trigger point injections in Bradenton.
What are Trigger Point Injections?
Trigger point injections are a medical procedure designed to eliminate muscle pain caused by trigger points. This is done by injecting a small amount of anesthetic or steroids directly into the knot in your muscle. The medication eases the inflammation in the muscle, which ultimately helps alleviate your knee pain. This is a fairly safe and simple procedure, so it is recommended to anyone that is suffering from muscle knots in the Bradenton area.
What to Expect
Once you arrive at the treatment facility, you will be asked to get comfortable on an exam table. The doctor will then take a look at the muscles surrounding your knee. This will help them determine the exact spot of the trigger point. After they find the trigger point, the doctor will insert a needle directly into the muscle knot. It will only take a few minutes to complete the entire procedure. If multiple trigger points are found, then they will all be treated during the same visit.
After the Procedure
The best thing about getting trigger point injections in Bradenton is that they work almost immediately. You will be able to move without any knee pain as soon as the appointment is over. While your knee pain will be drastically improved, you still need to avoid performing any rigorous tasks. Overexertion can aggravate the newly healed muscle. While it will only take one injection to completely eliminate the trigger point in your leg, there is a chance you can develop another one in the future. This usually only happens if you are suffering from chronic muscle inflammation. Since there are no risks or complications associated with this procedure, you can quickly eliminate any future knots in the muscles by getting more trigger point injections.
Get In Touch with Us for More Information
Serious knee pain can turn simple tasks into major chores. This is no way to live your life, so get back to normal by making an appointment with Synergy Medical. At our convenient location in Bradenton, FL, our friendly and experienced staff will be eager to explain this option in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation!