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Lip Augmentation via Restylane: How Does It Work?

Lip augmentation has never been easier than it is today. In the past, this procedure was performed by taking fat from other areas of the body and then transferring it to the lips. Not only were these treatments high in risk, but they were also far from convenient. With Restylane®, it’s possible to dramatically enhance and reshape your lips within just a matter of minutes. These quick, easy injections incite a remarkable, plumping effect that leaves the lips looking lush, refreshed, and downright beautiful.
How Restylane® Works
Restylane® is a first-class dermal filler that’s commonly used in non-surgical procedures for enhancing volume at the mid-face as well as lip augmentation. This treatment can fill in loose and sagging skin, hollow areas, marionette lines, and deep creases along the nasolabial folds. This solution is largely comprised of an acid that’s naturally occurring in your joints, connective tissues, skin, and bones. This is hyaluronic acid (HA), and it’s a powerful humectant. As such, HA is able to both draw water molecules to itself and retain them. Once Restylane® is injected into the lips, a chain of actions will occur to hydrate the treated area from the inside out, and to produce a very natural-looking, plumping effect. The results include full, luscious-looking lips, fewer lines around the mouth, and greatly increased confidence.
The Benefits of Restylane® Lip Augmentation
For many people, this treatment is preferable to surgical lip augmentation in every way. With this treatment, there is no recovery time and no potential for permanent results. As such, if you aren’t absolutely happy with your fuller lips, you’ll only have to wait a number of months for the added fullness to fade away. Beyond gaining increased confidence, most patients are absolutely delighted to show their fuller and more shapely pouts off.
Is Restylane® Lip Augmentation Right For You?
If you have extremely thin or uneven lips, this FDA-approved injectable can help you totally redefine your look. These treatments typically take just 20 to 30 minutes to complete, and you can head right back to work or rejoin your other activities as soon as your procedure is done. Because Restylane® is largely comprised of a substance that your body naturally produces, it has a very low likelihood of causing adverse reactions. The professionals at Synergy Medical in Bradenton, FL would love to speak with you about your options. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!