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Plagued by Chronic Pain? Come to Our Bradenton Office

When a person is dealing with chronic pain, it changes their life. There are a number of people in Bradenton who find it difficult to remember what life was like before pain was their reality. Now, their mobility is limited. They’re not able to engage in the same activities that they did just a couple of years ago. Some feel as if their body has betrayed them to the point where they are trapped in a prison that their body has made for them. For these individuals, many aspects of everyday life can feel frustrating.
Living with the Emotional Impact of Pain
One of the biggest challenges that chronic pain sufferers face is that many people around them do not understand or believe the severity of the pain that they are in. This is especially true if the individual dealing with pain looks like they are okay.
Well-meaning friends and family members may think that the pain an individual is experiencing is all in their head. They may feel that the pain sufferer is being lazy, that they are looking for attention, or that they are just making up their symptoms.
When a person first starts dealing with pain, they will likely get all sorts of support from friends and family. It can be disheartening to the sufferer to watch as that support disappears. Because pain affects one’s emotions, the sufferer may actually begin to change in the way that they act, the way that they express themselves, and the way that they interact with others. And this could inadvertently push away friends and family members.
What makes matters worse is when chronic pain sufferers get the sense from their medical professional that they don’t believe them. It’s one thing to have friends, family, or coworkers who have no medical background not believe the pain that you are experiencing. It is quite another thing to have the medical professionals not believe you. When people visit our Bradenton office, they have a sense of relief and happiness because they will encounter medical professionals who believe that their pain is real.
Addressing Your Pain
One of the first steps in treating chronic pain is realizing that all pain is real. It doesn’t matter if medical professionals are able to pinpoint the reason for the pain. Pain is intrinsically linked to our nervous system, our emotions, and our mental state.
The point is, regardless of whether the pain is driven by physical injury, an emotional injury, or some disorder in the nervous system, the effect it has on the patient is the same. We are very happy to be able to work with individuals who are dealing with chronic pain.
If you’re interested in making your pain a thing of the past, you are invited to book an appointment at Synergy Medical so that you can learn about all of your treatment options. Contact us today to set up a consultation at our office in Bradenton.