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Spinal Decompression in Bradenton Could Treat Your Neck Pain

Many people suffer from back and neck pain at some point during their lives. The reason they have this pain is due to things like automobile accidents, a slip-and-fall injury, sports injuries, or conditions that cause their discs to degenerate. Since many experience pain for months, they have pain that is deemed chronic. When a person is battling with chronic musculoskeletal pain, they just want the pain to go away. You may have looked into surgery for your neck pain. Once you learned about all of the risks, you were turned off from it. Spinal decompression in Bradenton may be able to treat your neck pain.
What Can Spinal Decompression Treat?
There are a number of reasons why your neck may be generating pain. It could be that you herniated a disc in your neck or that the discs in your neck are degenerating. You may have injured nerves in your neck, or you may be dealing with arthritic joints. Any of these conditions can cause your muscles, discs, joints, and nerves to move out of place. Chiropractic treatments are designed to realign your musculoskeletal system with the goal of alleviating pain.
Spinal decompression can be performed as a non-surgical treatment in Bradenton. It can be performed without prescription medication. It is seen by many as a way of encouraging your body’s natural healing process to kick into gear. In other words, it helps your body heal itself. There are a number of studies that show that spinal decompression helps individuals who have herniated discs to increase the thickness of their discs, thereby decreasing pain.
What Happens During Treatment?
During treatment, the treated areas of your body will be put under traction. The goal is to stretch your spinal vertebrae from the bottom of your skull to the base of your spine. This results in the relief of pressure. The goal is to reshape any discs that have been affected, helping them return to their natural height. When properly performed, the treatment encourages water, oxygen, and healing nutrients to be attracted to your spinal cord. The treatment is designed to alleviate pain. Most people will need a number of treatments over the course of weeks.
In addition to spinal decompression, we may use massage, ultrasound, and other techniques to help relax the treated area and provide relief. You may be shown exercises you can do to manage your pain. Once you’ve been able to stabilize your neck, you may be shown other exercises that are designed to help strengthen your neck with the goal of keeping pain at bay. You may also benefit from certain types of physical therapy.
Get In Touch to Find Out More
Dealing with neck pain can be frustrating. It can negatively impact your quality of life. If you are interested in making your neck pain a thing of the past, feel free to reach out and make an appointment with Synergy Medical! At our convenient location in Bradenton, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about spinal decompression.