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Take the Next Step with Pain Management Treatment in Bradenton

Most people have a do-it-yourself approach to managing pain. While this may be fine for minor aches and pains, some pain won’t go away without intervention from pain management treatment professionals. If you’ve been living with disruptive or chronic pain in Bradenton, here’s why you should take the next step when it comes to managing your discomfort.
Treating the Source of Your Pain
DIY pain management treatment is often not successful because only symptoms are being treated, not the actual source of the pain. By stepping up your approach to managing your pain, you’ll undergo a thorough evaluation to determine what’s contributing to your discomfort.
Image tests and specialized tests such as nerve conduction studies can either confirm a suspected pain source or discover one you didn’t know about. Once the source of your pain is being treated, you’ll be more likely to experience the relief that’s more meaningful.
Avoiding or Delaying Surgery
Taking the next step with pain management treatment in Bradenton could also mean being able to avoid or delay surgery. As long as your symptoms aren’t life-threatening or debilitating, you may benefit from a more comprehensive approach to managing your discomfort that doesn’t involve surgical intervention. Patients with chronic pain, for example, sometimes experience relief from treatment that involves:
• Therapeutic massage techniques
• Injections directly into the affected area
• Hot/cold applications
• Water-based exercises
• Diet adjustments
• Gentle stretches
If you benefit from these approaches to pain management, you may be able to participate more in a physical therapy program. Being able to be more active with PT could, in turn, improve your muscle strength and further help with the management of your discomfort.
Reducing Your Reliance On Medication
Many people rely on medication to manage their pain. The potential problem with doing this is the risk of unintended side effects, especially with opioid pain-relievers. If your goal is to ease your reliance on meds, you can request a treatment plan based on non-medicinal pain/symptom management techniques.
Improving Your Quality of Life
The most compelling reason to take the next step with pain management treatment is the possibility of improving your quality of life. Whether your pain is related to your spine or joints, a sports injury, or an underlying disorder like fibromyalgia, a personalized approach to treatment can make a big difference in your personal and professional life.
Feel confidence in knowing many patients in Bradenton respond well to pain management treatment that’s based on unique needs and goals. Find out if you may experience similar results by getting started with an initial evaluation at Synergy Medical in Bradenton. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!