Spinal Decompression

Suffering from back pain in Bradenton? Spinal decompression therapy could be all a person needs to relieve back pain. Why undergo an invasive surgery when you don’t have to? Try spinal decompression therapy before devoting yourself to going into the operating room. Below is more information about how spinal decompression at our office in Bradenton can help relieve your back pain.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical answer to back pain. The procedure gently stretches the spine, releasing tension and forcing the spine to its natural position. The pressure is relieved from the spinal disk, providing relief to you as well. It can even correct bulging or herniated disks. Spinal decompression can be used to treat sciatica, general back and neck pain, herniated disks, worn spinal joints, and injured nerve endings.
More research is needed to confirm the true benefits of spinal decompression therapy. There are a few other surgery alternatives for back pain. These include physical therapy, pain killers, braces, steroid injections, and chiropractic methods.

How Is the Procedure Done?

The procedure itself is quick and painless. You are fitted into a harness around your pelvis. The entire procedure is overseen by a doctor and a computer, ensuring that the procedure is carried out to plan. Several treatments are required within a few weeks to see peak results. Each individual therapy takes about 30 minutes. In a matter of weeks, you will start to feel relief from the pain. Stretching the back causes pressure to be released, which allows oxygen and fluids to get back into the discs. This causes them to heal themselves.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Almost anyone with back pain can benefit from this therapy. However, some people are excluded from the therapy. These people are those with fractures, tumors, abdominal aortic aneurysm, severe osteoporosis, and those with metal implants in the spine. Thousands of people benefit from spinal decompression therapy, and you can too.
The only way to know if spinal decompression will provide you with the best results is to contact a specialist and undergo an examination.

Contact Us to Learn More

You can contact us via phone or come in for a consultation. The professionals at Synergy Medical can answer any questions you have about spinal decompression and help you find out if the therapy is a good match for you. Even if spinal decompression isn’t a good fit for you we can help find a treatment plan that will provide results. Don’t hesitate another minute to get your back pain under control. Our office in Bradenton has experts standing by to help you in any way they can. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!