Treatments for Sacroiliac Joint in Bradenton Synergy Medical

Treatments for Sacroiliac Joint

Anatomy and Role of the Sacroiliac Joint The sacroiliac (SI) joint is between the sacrum (the base of the spine) and the iliac, commonly called the hip bones.  Collectively the two iliac bones and the sacrum form the pelvis.  The SI joint serves as a shock absorber for the spine and torso when we stand …

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PRP Therapy

Using PRP Therapy to Treat Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain. In the past, treatment options were not as varied or efficacious as they have thankfully become. Either extensive, expensive surgery or a lifetime of medication were the only ways to cope. As the scientific and medical communities are learning more and more about PRP, it is emerging as …

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hair regrowth

Experience Hair Regrowth with PRP

In your search for the answer to your hair loss, you have looked everywhere and tried everything. That’s how you know that hair serums, medications, and fancy shampoos don’t work. Yet you’re not ready to undergo a traumatic hair transplant or anything like that. If that’s the case, it seems like it’s time for you …

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