Ketamine Treatment for Pain

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EFFECTIVE: Ketamine for chronic pain has been proven to reduce pain for up to six months.

FAST-ACTING: If a patient responds to Ketamine infusions, the treatment can rapidly reduce pain as soon as the first infusion.

SAFE, QUALITY CARE: Infusions are performed by a highly experienced anesthesia provider in our comfortable, state-of-the-art Ketamine clinic.

It is very safe when administered by an anesthesia provider and patients are monitored with state-of-the-art equipment during the entire process.

ALTERNATIVE TO OPIOID PAIN RELIEVERS: Ketamine acts differently than opioid-based medications, which makes it an especially good choice for those who have an opioid tolerance. Ketamine is a great option for people who have been taking opioids for chronic pain management and found them to be ineffective or for those who are concerned about the addictive nature of long-term opioid use.

KETAMINE TREATS CHRONIC PAIN DIFFERENTLY: Ketamine infusions can be especially effective for patients who have become resistant to narcotics and other pain management treatments. Ketamine has been especially promising for CRPS patients. Ketamine is an FDA-approved anesthetic and has been used in hospitals for acute pain management since the 1970s.

 HOW IT WORKS: Ketamine’s effectiveness may come from its ability to help the body reset the central nervous system’s sensitivity to stimuli. Ketamine relieves pain by acting on the chemical receptor N-methyl-D-aspartate, or NMDA, which is found in the nervous system and modulates pain. The NMDA receptor is responsible for the body’s underlying neural network, which is responsible for processing pain signals.

CHRONIC PAIN: The goal of chronic pain management is to reduce pain and improve the quality of life for patients. Chronic pain is debilitating and many of the people who come to our Ketamine clinic have been suffering for years. If you have chronic pain, you know how lasting pain interferes with your daily life and has very real effects on your mental health. The pain is always present in the background, and when you’re hurting you’re also more likely to be short-tempered and emotionally stressed.

NEUROPATHIC PAIN: Ketamine therapy can be a great solution for people who have been suffering from neuropathic pain for years and haven’t been able to find a treatment option that relieves their pain. Neuropathic pain is the result of increased spinal neuron sensation, and this type of pain is caused by very sensitive nerves sending pain signals to your brain. Ketamine infusions can calm these pain receptors and decrease the amount of pain you experience. Neuropathic pain can consist of sharp and stabbing pain or electrical shocks. You may also feel burning or coldness, pins and needles, numbness, and itchiness. Other symptoms include a gradual feeling of numbness, prickling or tingling in your hands or feet and extreme sensitivity to touch. Unfortunately, many of the people who experience neuropathic pain cannot find relief from common pain management medications.

FIBROMYALGIA: It is thought that fibromyalgia pain is caused by hyperexcitability of pain receptors and that Ketamine can help to calm these nerves Ketamine infusions are a more potent pain reliever than morphine for fibromyalgia.

MIGRAINES: Ketamine has been found to be effective in alleviating chronic migraine pain, especially for patients who haven’t been able to find relief with other treatment methods.  These headaches are characterized by pulsing, throbbing pain sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound and light. Migraines that don’t respond to treatment are called intractable migraines or refractory migraines. These types of migraines can be especially debilitating. Ketamine infusions are helping patients get relief from their migraines and improve their quality of life. A study of 61 patients presented at the Anesthesiology 2017 annual meeting found that almost 75 percent experienced an improvement in their migraines after a three- to seven-day course of inpatient treatment with Ketamine.

CANCER PAIN: Ketamine infusion may be an effective pain management option for those suffering from cancer-related refractory pain. Patients receive a series of low-dose Ketamine infusions, and if the therapy works, the patient may need maintenance infusions at longer intervals to provide long-term pain relief.

COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME (CRPS): CRPS is a type of chronic pain that often results from an injury that leads to intense pain and sensitivity, usually in the arms or legs. It can be incredibly difficult to treat, and the pain can significantly change the lifestyle of those who have the syndrome. CRPS is not well understood and is often misdiagnosed, but it is believed to be caused by damage or malfunction of the peripheral and central nervous system.  Ketamine has been found to be incredibly effective at treating this type of pain. Ketamine infusions produced complete and sometimes long-term remissions in CRPS patients and other studies have shown that long infusion times have produced significant reductions of pain for up to three months.

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