Pain After an Auto Accident? Let Us Help!

You’ve been the victim of an auto accident. You were fortunate enough to get out of the car and walk away. You thought you were just banged up a little. Otherwise, you thought you escaped an injury. It was a different story the next day when you woke up. You couldn’t believe your neck and back pain. You could hardly move. Just getting out of bed was a major ordeal. You took over-the-counter pain relievers. Nothing has touched your pain. Consider visiting us for auto injury treatment in Bradenton.

Your Spine Could Be Out of Alignment

While an evaluation by the hospital or your primary care doctor may not have found any obvious injuries after an auto accident, there could be more going on than meets the eye. Your spine is a delicate system of discs and vertebrae. When you experience the force that is exerted on your body during an auto accident, it can jerk your spine out of alignment. This can happen when you stop suddenly or when there is a blow to your vehicle. The impact may not directly strike your body, but it can still affect your spine.

The neck is one of the most common problem areas when people suffer from whiplash. However, an accident can affect other parts of your spine as well. You may experience pain in several areas. Muscle spasms can make matters worse as your muscles tighten in response to your back pain. You may find your entire posture is affected as you hold yourself in an unnatural way to try and avoid the pain. We can help you to get your spine back into alignment.

treatment plan

Place Yourself in Our Capable Hands

When you come to us, we’ll evaluate your spinal health, listen to your symptoms, and create a treatment plan. Our professionals can perform gentle manipulations of your spine over the course of several visits to help you find relief. You may also be given exercises that you can perform at home to help you feel better. With consistent treatment and the right tools, you can overcome the pain from your auto accident.

Don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you after an auto accident. Make an appointment at Synergy Medical to get all the facts about your treatment options.

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