Pain Therapy in Bradenton

For a person who has never had to deal with chronic pain, explaining how pain can change one’s life is difficult. You can use different terms to describe the effect of the pain, but these words never truly transmit the reality of the situation. Unfortunately, many people are struggling with life-changing neck and back pain. Some have been able to find relief with pain therapy in Bradenton.

Why Neck and Back Pain are So Challenging

Each type of pain a person experiences brings its own unique challenges. Neck and back pain are challenging because you use these parts of your body all the time. Your neck and back are responsible for the majority of your mobility. It is not until pain limits your mobility in these areas that you truly understand how much of your free movement depends on these areas.

Your spine is full of nerves. These nerves are designed to control motion and sensation. If they become inflamed or irritated, they can produce intense pain. Additionally, your neck and back are full of tendons, muscles, bones, and other forms of soft-tissue that are prone to injury and can produce severe pain.

A significant part of the work done during a pain therapy session in Bradenton is identifying the true source of the pain. There could be an injury in one part of the neck or back, and this injury is referring pain to other parts of the body. Throughout the entire process, the patient will be reassured that a solution to their pain is possible and a solution will be found. Once the right pathway is found to relieve neck or back pain, the relief a person experiences is phenomenal.

Someone Who Empathizes With Your Pain

People who deal with chronic pain are strong individuals who manage to go about their everyday activities like anyone else, all the while dealing with pain that would render most unable to get out of bed. A major part of pain therapy in Bradenton is helping patients understand that there are people who empathize with their pain. Our patients feel a tremendous sense of relief being able to discuss their pain with knowledgeable and compassionate professionals.

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