PRP Facelift

PRP Facelift

Are you concerned your skin does not looks as good as it once did? Are you frustrated with the impact the natural aging process has made on your appearance? Do you think a facial rejuvenation procedure may help you, but you are unsure if a surgical procedure is the right choice for you? A PRP facelift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option that uses a purified substance initially obtained from your body to refresh your appearance. Explore the benefits of this rejuvenation treatment option during a consultation with our team at Synergy Medical in Bradenton, FL!

What Is a PRP Facelift?

A PRP facelift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive facial rejuvenation treatment option. With the help of PRP, this treatment encourages your bodies naturally healing processes to help create a refreshed appearance.

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a powerful golden substance that is obtained from your own body via a blood sample. It is obtained by spinning blood using special equipment to separate the PRP from other substances.

Choosing a PRP facelift may be a good choice if you are seeking a way to:

  • Enhance dull or uneven skin tone or texture
  • Minimize appearance of fine lines
  • Rejuvenating appearance for a youthful look
  • Replace lost facial volume or structure

A consultation with our team in Florida can help determine if this is a good treatment option for you and your goals.

What Could I Expect from a Procedure?

The PRP facelift process begins with harvesting PRP. Obtaining PRP is relatively simple, and it begins with a traditional blood draw. This sample is spun in a special centrifuge to isolate the unique plasma for treatment. The PRP is then used as a filler to help rejuvenate your appearance.

While the length of treatment will vary for you and your goals, a session typically requires an hour or less. There is no set downtime associated with a procedure, and you should be able to return to your normal daily activities. However, it is important to understand you may experience so minor swelling or bruising in the treatment area.

It is important to have realistic goals and expectations for treatment. Results will vary for each person, and it is important to remember they may not be as dramatic as those created with a surgical or more invasive procedure. However, many people begin to enjoy results shortly after treatment, and the results gradually improve as the PRP stimulates growth. A series of treatments may help you achieve and maintain the best results.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The PRP facelift is designed to be safe and effective for nearly all skin tones and types. It can be a good alternative for people who are leery of using foreign substances for treatment as PRP is obtained from a sample of your own blood. However, a consultation with our team in Bradenton can help ensure this is the best treatment option for you and your goals.

Schedule Your Consultation!

Do you think this non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment could be a good fit for you? Contact us today at Synergy Medical and schedule your consultation to learn more about the PRP facelift! Our team proudly serves you from Bradenton, Florida, and we look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals!

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