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Rewind time and Remodel your tissue and skin with our Skin Tightening in Bradenton!

Safe, comfortable, and effective skin tightening on just about any body area including arms, thighs, knees, abdomens, love handles, and anywhere else patients can imagine. 

If you want to build confidence with tighter, firmer skin then try the newest technology in anti-aging. Forma and Forma Plus are skin and tissue remodeling devices which use radiofrequency and heat to lift, tighten, and contour the skin. Forma treats sagging or “crepey” skin in the face, jowls, neck, arms, legs, and more. Forma Plus is also used to treat the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. Treatments are painless, require no downtime, and can be used with all skin tones and types.

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How can Inmode Forma give you back confidence?

Forma is a non-invasive, pain-free skin treatment for deep tissue stimulation. It uses radiofrequency (RF) technology and heat to stimulate collagen production for skin remodeling and tightening. Increased collagen improves the skin’s texture and tone over a period of time. 

Skin Tightening with Inmode Forma

Many women and men want a pain-free, non-surgical solution to help them look as young as they feel!

  • refine and reverse skin laxity

    Forma and Forma Plus stimulate collagen to tighten and tone the skin

  • reduce texture irregularities

    "Crepe"- like skin on the arms, legs, and even abdomen can be reduced with the Forma Plus

  • Weight Loss/Gain Skin Contracting

    Weight loss can result in unwanted skin laxity on the arms, legs, abdomen, or even face. Forma and Forma Plus can improve your skin's firmness without side effects.

  • No Downtime

    You may resume normal activities the same day with little to no side effects

  • Safe on all skin types

    Forma and Forma Plus is safe on all skin types unlike many other skin rejuvenation devices

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What To Expect From Inmode Forma Rejuvenation Treatments

  • Initial Consult
  • Treatment
  • Follow Up

Your initial visit starts with a consultation with our medical provider to determine your aesthetic goals. They will review previous treatments tried and how the Forma and Forma Plus work. If you are a candidate for treatment, it can typically be done the same day.

Prior to the treatment, before pictures are taken from multiple angles. A water based ultrasound gel is applied and the Forma or Forma Plus handpiece is continuously moved over the treatment area. Most clients say the treatment feels like a hot stone massage. Depending on the area, treatment time ranges from 5-15 minutes per side. Some redness and swelling may occur immediately after treatment but dissipates within 24 hours.

Most areas require 6-8 weekly treatments. Results will usually last 6-12 months and maintenance is recommended. The Forma and Forma Plus work well in combination with Morpheus8 RF Microneedling and many other services.

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Some Of Our Success Stories

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This was the best and most professional medical experience I have had in a long time. Melina, Dr. Lewis and staff are exceptional. I would recommend them any time.

Mike P.

I was bone on bone in my left knee and was told that I needed a knee replacement about 5 years ago.   I didn’t want to have surgery at my age so I decided to try stem cell therapy. It’s been almost 3 months since my treatment and I feel like a new man. No more pain and I can finally play tennis again. Thank you to all at synergy for treating me like family and saving my knee. I am forever grateful. If you are thinking about trying stem cells, do it.

Jack R.

I spent 10 years with pain in my back. I tried physical therapy, shots, and thought that I just had to live with it. I went to a seminar about stem cells figured I would look into it since I tried everything else. My first visit was with the nurse practitioner who reviewed my MRI and said that I would be able to do stem cells in my low back. I had my shots a week later by the pain management doctor and it’s been 2 and a half months and I’m happy to say that I am about 80% better. I am ecstatic that I decided to give stem cells a try. I recommend synergy to everyone I know.

Susan L.

My experience with Synergy Medical was outstanding. In less then two months I went from barely being able to walk to a no pain environment.
The staff was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable.
All sessions were conducted on time, in a comfortable atmosphere, catered to my individual needs for a full recovery.

Joseph D.


Common Questions Inmode Forma & forma plus

Forma is a non-invasive skin treatment for deep tissue stimulation. It uses radiofrequency (RF) technology and heat to stimulate collagen production for skin remodeling and tightening. Increased collagen improve the skin’s texture and tone over a period of time.

Forma is suitable for all skin types. This is a great treatment for individuals who are looking for a non-invasive and natural-looking approach to improvements in skin tone and texture. It can be used to lift, tighten, and contour the skin for a more youthful look.

The Inmode has two different heads depending on the treatment area. Forma targets the face, neck, and jowl area. Whereas, the Forma Plus can treat large body areas, such as the arms, stomach, thighs, back, and knees. It can be used to treat sagging skin, “crepe” like skin, and even cellulite.

Forma typically requires a series of six to eight treatments. After the series, patients should notice a reduction in lines and folds of the skin, making the skin look smoother.  Sagging skin will appear more toned and lifted. Results are not permanent, so many patients choose to come in for maintenance visits to keep their results long-term.

The Forma and the Plus are essentially painless and have no downtime. Patients may see slight redness in the treated area, which will lessen within a few hours. All patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately after treatment. Many patients state the treatment is similar to a hot stone massage and find the treatment relaxing.

Treatment packages start at around $1500.

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