Understanding Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is an interesting form of health care that is perfect for individuals wanting to take the very best care of themselves. With this style of care, the aging process is greatly altered, and individuals often feel far more youthful and vibrant than they otherwise would. If you are not feeling the best, if you are unhappy with how you are aging or if you are convinced that there is a far better way to age gracefully, we would encourage you to look into the possibility of regenerative medical care at our clinic.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine has primarily been known as a way to transplant tissues and to create new, specialized tissues from lower, less specialized tissues. For example, in past years, this style of medical care has focused on transplanting skin, corneas, and even organs, such as kidneys and hearts. However, this medical care has its place in more than just transplant medicine. By looking at the health of the body tissues as a whole right now, we can find ways to help you better your health with the use of naturally-occurring body chemicals and other anti-aging processes.

What Are Its Benefits?

Summed up, the overall benefits of regenerative medicine include renewed vitality and energy and a better looking and better functioning body. On the outside of your body, your skin will look younger and more toned. Within your body, your organs will continue to function as they did in years past and will remain strong. Your joints and muscles will stay flexible, and you will enjoy far greater functionality of all areas of your body than you may have thought possible.

We currently offer stem cell therapy and PRP therapy for candidates who qualify. Anyone who is looking to avoid surgery in order to repair an injury or deal with arthritis should consider these treatments. These treatments have been known to reduce pain and heal certain injuries and conditions.

Who Are the Best Candidates?

If you are currently experiencing joint pain or chronic damage that is resulting in inflexibility or poor movement, you may be a good candidate for regenerative medicine. You should be aware that perfect results will not occur in only one treatment and that you will need to give your body time to heal and regenerate necessary tissues. You may find relief in less than a month, or you may need to wait several months.

Regenerative medicine at Synergy Medical may be a great choice for you if you are dealing with chronic discomfort due to tissue damage. Using regenerative injections at our clinic in Bradenton, FL, we can restore your joints to their previous level of health and help you feel more comfortable in your own body again. 

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